This week we are carrying on our look at the backswing with an article on a commonly used term in golf "Weight Transfer" and how this can be dangerous for your game if not explained properly and understood. 

I teach many golfers that transfer there weight in an inefficient manner and for the majority of golfers it comes from a poor understanding of the terminology. When i gain feedback from pupils around this subject i commonly hear that the pupil is trying to laterally shift weight from side to side, i find this results in 'Weight transfer" but in a very inefficient way. I believe there are two main types of movements out there, golfer one swaying onto the back foot and sliding onto the front foot resulting in too much lateral movement in the swing. Golfer two who is a little more aware of this terminology, they tend to stop this movement by almost resulting in reverse pivot motion sliding weight onto the front foot in the backswing and swaying onto the back foot at impact.

Below are two examples of poor weight transfer and generally poor body positions in the backswing. I have demonstrated what i commonly see from the side on camera, in the left hand picture i have demonstrated golfer 2 and the right hand picture golfer 1. 


What I find works best ??

So what terminology do i use to get the best results?? ...... "Pressure change" or Pressure Shift" certainly works best for me getting the golfer to feel the pressure changes in there feet. At set-up you will all agree that the pressure should be more towards the balls of your feet and 50/50 in your right and left. As we move the club into the backswing, to the top, I get my pupils to feel the pressure change and shift into the inside of the right knee, at this time all the muscles in the inside of our right knee are activated and stabilising the bodies movements. The picture below shows were my eye line is positioned on a correct pressure change. You can also see that i have shifted over onto my right side enough for my sternum to be directly over the inside of my right foot, all very exact positions i know, but this is the terminology that helps my pupils get it right!! 

THSG TIP - How can i feel the pressure change ??? If your like me and love a spot of Yoga, then take your golf shoes off and have a few swings bare foot on a yoga mat, this will increase the feeling in your feet and help you understand your pressure changes. If your not one for yoga, use your golf towel or a cushion from home. 

These correct movements will help help you store and load energy into your right side in the backswing, giving you a stable and activated base to swing from. For me these are key backswing principles that need to monitored in all golfers. A lot can be won and lost in the backswing and hopefully the two articles that have been covered will help you produce the power and efficiency your golf swing needs. 

If you have any questions on the article please post them below and i will get back to you.