The season is getting ever closer and Spring has come early!! It is now time to fine tune your game and make 2017 a record breaker. April is the month that we are calling the 'Scoring Zone" month. Mine and Oli's group clinics promise to give you all you need in helping you start the season the right way.....down the middle, on the green and taking less putts than you did in 2016!! 

Our group clinics provide a continuous improvement program to all our golfers here at THSG. They are fantastic way to learn about key areas of performance both on and off the course. 

Sunday 9th April 1pm-2pm - Lock & Load Your Driver Swing In 2017   

Venue - Driving Range / Driver

This session will be all about helping you gain distance without losing dispersion off the tee. We will look at stability at address in your pre-swing fundamentals, then we will split the swing up into P1 - Takeaway, P2 - Top Of The Backswing & P3 - Impact & Beyond. This session promises to be a fascinating insight into what makes a sound technique. 

Sunday 16th April 11am-12noon - Save 9 Shots By Next Week

Venue - Short Game Area / Wedges 

This will be our first ever Q & A on the short game, come fully prepared with all your questions regarding the short game. We will cover the most frequently asked questions in our own golf lessons. During this session we will cover all aspects of the short game from distance wedges, chipping, pitching, problem shots and bunker play. 

Friday 28th April 2pm-3pm - Clubhead Delivery - Don't be late!! 

Venue - On The Range / Mid Irons 

We will be taking everyone back to the basics in this session and helping them get back to good old fashioned, high quality, ball striking. There will be no magic formula here, just solid fundamentals that every great ball striker shows!! 

** To sign up for any of the above clinics please email or call 01989 720439, you can also sign up in the golf shop with one of the team. These sessions are £10 per person, which includes an evaluation with coffee, in the clubhouse after the session. **