The 2019 THSG Short Game Weekend


The 2019 THSG Short Game Weekend

Its one of the most anticipated weekends of the coaching calendar for THSG pupils, yes the Short game weekend is back and this year…..BIGGER and BETTER. We are so excited to bring you the very latest theory behind making all shots from 100 yards and in easier for you!! Don't forget the average golfer takes around 75% of his/her shots from 100yards and in......Dont you think its time to get good at this part of the game!?? 

If your serious about improving this weekend simply can not be missed!! Our THSG short game festival which runs from Friday 19th - Sunday 21st July is your ticket to improvement in 2019 and beyond. 

Myself and the team have designed an improvement program that caters for all golfers that need help from 100 yards and in. Our sole focus is to offer clinics both on and off the course that cover all aspects of approach play and the short game. We are even offering special clinics with our putting guru Oli Leett who will be on hand giving expert advice on the flatstick. 

Our clinics will be held in a group format that will be limited to just 6 golfers. Sign up will be on a first come first serve basis. We want to create an interactive learning environment that will help us work closely with each pupil within the group. Our group clinics are always well subscribed so if you want to sign upto any of the below please don't hesitate. We will be charging our normal group clinic of £10 p/p, per clinic. 

All weekend we will be doing demonstrations using the Vokey SM7 wedges and Scotty Cameron range. If you would like to book a VIP fitting over that weekend, please get in touch.     

Here is the Itinerary of the weekend - 

Friday 19th July  

11am-12noon - The Only Bunker Lesson You Will Ever Need..!  
If you struggle out of the sand and want to learn more about how easy this shot can become then sign up to this clinic. We will take you through the basics and give you an insight into how the tour players play this shot so well. 
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1pm-2pm - Improve Your Bunker Mentality - Problem Shots  
We will cover all shots from greenside bunkers with just one club and explain the reasons why the pros on TV make it look so easy. We will cover plugged ball, high/low shots, playing out of different sands and varying the length of shot.
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2pm-3pm - Putting - Learning From The Pro’s  
Our putting specialist Oli will take you through the attributes of a great putter and what we can learn from the worlds best. He will explain how you can take these attributes and apply them in your game, helping you hole more putts and improve confidence in your all round game.
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3pm-4pm - Putting - Practice Properly Don't Waste Your Practice Time
We are massive on making everyones practice time more useful and new research has certainly showed us that there is a real skill to practising properly. Don't waste you practice time on the putting green, Oli will take you through the perfect 60 minute practice session. 
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4pm-5pm - How To Use Bounce When Chipping & Pitching
Understanding the term 'Bounce' and using it in technique could be the secret to unlocking your short game. We will cover all shots in and around the green (inside 30yards) with just one club and explain the reasons why the pros on TV make it look so easy. You will walk away from the session with clarity and a formula that is easy to understand. 

5-00pm - 7-00pm -On Course Problem Shots & Q&A With Tim
Tim will be taking this session out on the course, where it matters…!! He will be covering all shots from 60yards and in. This session will be all about those problem shots, low, high, medium shots, in bunkers, over bunkers… name it, we will go through it. We will also leave 30minutes for a Q and A back in the clubhouse talking through those key decisions.


5-00pm-7-00pm - On Course Putting & Q&A With Oli
Oli will be giving a practical insight into putting out on the course, going through key pre shot processes, playing on slopy greens, tackling green reading and adapting your game to differing green speeds. He will also be joining up with the other group in clubhouse for a Q & A.
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Saturday 20th July

10am-11am - The Only Bunker Lesson You Will Ever Need…!   
Same as above.....
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11am-12noon - How To Use Bounce When Chipping & Pitching
Same as above .....
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12-30pm-1-30pm - Distance Wedges - Know Your Numbers   
Did you know from 100yards the tour average is around 10ft from the hole?? Pretty impressive, hey ?? Their distance control is the most impressive part of this and this doesn't just come down to feel, they have a bullet proof system which we will cover in this session. We will cover all shots from 100-30yards. During this session we will be working with our GC2 launch monitors so you will have accurate information on your yardages from the key the distances. 

12-30pm-1-30pm - Putting Under Pressure
Take your 'A' game to the course, its what the PGA Tour players do so well!! Oli will give you an insight into the processes that involved pre-swing, these processes will include the crucial steps that need to be taken when preparing for all putts. He will touch on the importance of green reading, positive visualisation, positive self talk, breathing and our think/play box theory. 
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2pm-3pm - Putting - Is your grip holding you back
We see a whole range of grips on the PGA tour, but which are better than others. Oli will take you through the pro's and con's of the different grips in putting. He will explain the importance of grip pressure, placement and how this has a direct influence on the outcome. 
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3-00pm-5-00pm - Putting -Aimpoint Express Clinic   
This new green reading method has certainly taken the golfing world by storm. Oli is one of the few coaches in the UK that is fully qualified to coach this method and for this weekend only, he is charging £50 for this two hour clinic.

** PLEASE NOTE this is a 2 hour clinic for £50 per person **

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Sunday 21st July

2pm-3pm - Zone In Your Approach Play
Distance wedges is often overlooked in practice but is an area i get asked about all the time. During this session we will cover distance control and give you a system that suits your game, we will delve into the importance of set-up and the key roles they play in controlling shot trajectory. We will also touch on the basic swing principles that we look for in this unique stye of shot.

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3pm-4pm - Improve Your Bunker Mentality - Problem Shots   
Same as above

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Don't forget we will be limiting these group clinics to just 6 golfers so sign up now. Please bring 9iron-LW to all clinics except for the putting ones. 

Please be aware that pre-payment for these clinics is compulsory. 

We will also be looking to add to these clinics in due course depending on early bird bookings. 



THSG Equipment Testers Report

Its been a busy start to the 2019 season for the top manufacturers, their has been some awesome product releases from Ping with the G410, Taylormade with their M5 & M6 range and Titleist with their TS project family.

Sometimes we get bias reviews on these products from various media sources within the Industry, here at the THSG we have our own panel of testers and this week we are looking at drivers….!!! In particular the G410, M5 and TS2/TS3.

First up we had ROWGC member Tim Rigden file his report on the highly anticipated Ping G410 driver. The G410 comes in two different heads the SFT (straight flight technology) and the plus head.

Tim’s Report -

I am pleased to have the opportunity to offer the following observations on the new Ping G410.

Currently, my handicap is 11 and I am playing with a Nike VRS Covert which has an 11 degree flight, a stiff shaft and more often than not I use a Titleist Pro V1X.

The Ping G410 was matched with a 12 degree flight and a slightly open set up and again to give it a fair test I used the Titleist Pro V1X golf ball.

First impression  -  it looks good, which is hugely important for me, it is well balanced and is very comfortable in the set up and having a matt grey/black head negates any dazzle on a bright, sunny day!

When using this driver from the tee, with an orange castle, the sound of the ball strike had a very pleasing resonance and not all tinny or clumpy.  For me the sound and look of any club is very important from a confidence, point of view, and the mental aspect.

The Ping G410 had an excellent high flight and a tight angle of dispersion which enabled me to obtain good distance, approximately 10-15 metres further than my current club.

Overall, it was an extremely pleasing and enjoyable driver to play with and if I was in the market for a new driver, then it would be one that would be well worth considering, not withstanding the price.


ROWGC member Andy Baldwin was up next testing the new Taylormade M6 driver. Taylormade always have huge presence on tour with some of the worlds best players playing their products inducing Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods….to name just a few!!

Andy’s Report -

I currently use a PING G Series Driver (SF Tec 10 degrees) and the M6 i tried out was set up to give a similar loft to my PING.

First impressions of the M6 were that it was a well balanced club that felt good to swing and in that it seemed similar to my own club.

However as a relatively high handicap golfer (19) the big problem I had with the club was its lack of forgiveness, if I got the sweet spot it went really well and the "Twist Face" did seem to straighten the shots out a bit.

If I didn't get the sweet spot - which didn't seem all that large to me - then it all went horribly wrong, much worse that my own PING

The ball flight was also similar (when it came out the middle) quite a high trajectory from a 10.5 degree setting, distance off the tee was longer than my current club - but not much maybe 5 yards.

In summary a good well made club but probably aimed at the low handicapper who can consistently hit it out of the middle. With a price tag of £440 it is not an investment i will be making.


Steve Jones - THSG Pupil / Tested the new TS2 Titleist driver set-up 10.5 tensei blue - stiff shaft

I play off a 17 handicap and have always struggled with a driver off the tee, short and wild is not a good mix around any course and in the past i often just settled with using my 4iron just to keep it in play.

I was a little bit fearful of being a tester for a driver because this area of the game has plagued me for years…….I bit the bullet and tested out the new Titleist TS2 driver set up with a stiff shaft and 10.5 loft. My previous driver is a Callaway Rogue and as mentioned i have never got on with it.

As soon as i put the TS2 behind the ball i gained confidence, the looks are sleek and streamline and gave me an inner confidence that this area of the game could improve. Upon on strike it felt solid and with the adjustments in the shaft i started to get rid of my slice. Tim set it up on a draw setting and my it made a difference.

Never before have i hit the ball so well off the tee, the TS2 made a huge difference and i reckon i was 20-30yards further. This confused me as i was now hitting 3 clubs shorter into the greens!!! First time out in testing i shot under my handicap for the first time in 8months……For me the testing was a real eye opener, Titleist have come up trumps and made a driver that sorted out my slice and helped me gain yards… much so i have booked in for a custom fit with Tim to purchase one myself!!

John Palmer ROWGC Member - Ping G410 SFT driver 10.5 degree

Tested by John Palmer, senior, handicap 12.7. played for 40 years.

Current driver Ping G25 - 10.5 degree

First impressions on sight was very good.

The head is shallower and less bulky than the G25 and with the turbulators give it a more streamlined look.

The club feels light and nicely balanced.

It is comfortable to play with and seems easier to swing and to generate a greater speed.

On impact it produces a nice sound with a high ball trajectory and straight. The weight in the head obviously getting rid of any fade. Distance is slightly longer than the G25 probably due to the 410 going straight and the slight fade i usually get with my existing driver.

The only drawback i found, when i tried to fade a shot, the ball went straight out at an angle which is a problem for example the 11th hole around the tree.

Overall:- a beautifully balanced club with straight flight and high trajectory. An ideal driver for anyone who tends to slice.

Thank you to all the testers that took part in the driver testing. It makes a huge difference listening to real golfers give their honest opinions on these latest clubs. Hopefully this will help you shape your decisions when it comes to purchasing a new driver in the future. If you would like any further information on custom fitting or club testing please see one of the team.