This month has seen me playing some really good golf, my continous hard work over the recent months on my fitness and golf game has certainly already shown very promising signs of whats to come this year. This has not only been recognised by me but my team and Coach Pint also. 

My team Kirkwood eagles leave for Nashville this Sunday for spring break which I am really looking forward to, as it's gives us an opportunity to get out of the class room and spend some quality time with each other on and off the golf course before the important season begins.

Once we all get back from 10 days in Nashville it will officially be the start of the spring season with our first tournament commencing on the 27th March at Tanglewood Golf and Country club. It's edging ever closer now and I can't wait to get the ball rolling. I'm really looking forward to getting some great results and letting you all know about them.


Best regards Niall.