Here at the THSG we have invested in the exciting new Superspeed golf system that helps golfers of all ages create stronger foundations and increased clubhead speed in their golf swing. It is designed around the theory of 'overspeed training'. 

What Is Overspeed Training ?? An Overspeed workout requires golfers to swing as much as 8-13 percent faster than they are capable of swinging with their standard driver. SuperSpeed training protocols activate  muscular motor units in synchronised patterns and recruit new motor units within the same muscle.

We will be offering special Junior speed golf sessions incorporating our TPI knowledge. These special 60 minute classes will help you develop your core golf fitness, keeping you injury free and helping you gain those extra yards. 

The Next Speed Golf Class is - Saturday 22nd Oct at 3-30pm-4-30pm. 

£8 per person group size limited to 5 juniors. 

Please email - to reserve your place. 


The Impressive Superspeed Golf System at The THSG

The Impressive Superspeed Golf System at The THSG