Do you ever practice and walk off feeling like you haven't achieved anything ?? I would say that this is a common feeling among many amateur golfers. Here at the THSG we have working behind the scenes on exciting new practice concepts which we are testing on a few of our pupils. One of our pupils at the weekend showed us the results we were after. James Hay shot his lowest round of the year finishing 1st in the Autumn Scratch competition at ROWGC. His nett 67 included some great golf, including a one over par front nine. 

James has been going through a program of lessons this summer, which has helped reduce dispersion off the tee and in improve his approach play. He certainly didn't just put his success all down to his swing changes but they way he practiced leading upto the competition. We have worked very closely with James looking in depth at his short game stats, especially his up and down's. We analysed the way James approached his weekly practiced and soon realised something was missing. 

Myself and Oli have been lucky enough to spend time with inventor Stuart Leong taking advice on statistics both for the amateur and pro ranks. After researching at length around the subject of practice myself and Oli have been busy designing different practice structures, like the one James has been working on. James score at the weekend was an exciting break through not just for himself but for us too. 

If you would like to help us out and be one of our practice testers, then please email me on