The THSG Indoor Winter Skills League


Calling all ROWGC members you are invited to enter a team in this years indoor winter skills league with the THSG. This is a great way to keep your game in check over the winter in the warmth of our indoor performance lab. Its a fun competition with a great format that suits all handicaps. Check it out below....


Team Entry:

£40 per team to be paid on registration


Maximum Handicaps – Men 28 Ladies 36 Juniors 54

Professional’s play off +1.


The Rules:


The THSG Professional team has designed the skills league to give

every standard of golfer a fair chance.


The league will run over a 10 week period and you will be given 2

weeks to book and perform your skills.


FAILURE to book and perform your skills will result in zero points for that week.


The scoring for each challenge is as follows –


1st Place – 50 points

2nd Place – 40 pts

3rd Place – 35 pts

4th Place – 30 pts

5th Place – 25 pts

6th Place – 20 pts

7th Place – 15 pts

8th Place – 10 pts

9th Place – 5 pts

10th Place – 2 pts


All other teams that carry out the challenge – 1 point

At the end of the 10-week league we will crown the THSG Winter

Skills League Champion.


The Skills:


Each week you will be given a set of skills to perform in the

performance lab with a specially designed scoring system for each

category of handicap. A scorecard with all the rules and handicaps

will be given to you every week upon arrival at The Performance



Challenge One – The THSG BEST 5


Yourself and your partner will be playing together in a foursomes

format in the Swing Lab on the designated course for the week. The

handicapping is 20% of your combined handicap and is a strokeplaycompetition.


Ladies teams and mixed teams will play from the

red tees. Men will play from the yellow tees.


The THSG may review handicaps and tee positions weekly depending on performance.


** The THSG Sim play auto putt rules will be in operation for

each week. **


Challenge Two – The DISTANCE Challenge


Each week we will give you a distance to hit too, each player will have 5 shots each at that distance. We have designed a handicapping system for this task based on recent research.


0 - 5hcp = 10% margin for error allowance

6hcp - 12hcp = 15% margin for error allowance

13hcp - 20hcp = 20% margin for error allowance

21hcp +    = 25% margin for error allowance


For example


If the distance is 50 yards and you play off a 15 handicap (20% allowance). You need to hit the ball within 40-60 yards to score a point.



Challenge Four – The Hub Challenge


Drive for show, Putt for dough they say. This is your chance to

prove just that!! This could be the real clincher every week. You will

each have 10 putts to the same hole but every week the hole

changes to give you a different break and speed. The team with the

most putts holed takes the 50 points!!


Please use the following THSG indoor putt allowance –



Shot Allowance


0-10hcp -0

11-20 - +1

21-30 - +2

31+ - +4


For example:

Player 1 – Handicap 25 – Holes out 4 out of 10 (+ 2 = 6)

Player 2 – Handicap 13 – Holes out 6 out of 10 (+ 1 = 7)

Team Score – 13 out of 20



If you have any issues with your partner or he/she becomes injured

and unable to play, you may request a substitution. In the event of

your team being away for a certain week of the league you may

play that week before the start date. Please let us know if this is the



Clubs & Equipment:

Normal CLEAN golf shoes can be worn in the lab although metal

spikes are not to be worn.

Please bring your own golf clubs to carry out the challenges. Tees

and Balls will be provided each week.



be able to just turn up on any day and perform your

challenges. If you would like the same time each week

please let us know and we will book it in.


The Dates:


Week 1 – The Belfry Bonanza Mon 31st Oct – Sunday 13th Nov

Week 2 – The Troon Classic Mon 14th Nov – Sunday 27th Nov

Week 3 – Akron Invitational Mon 28th Nov – Sunday 11th Dec

Week 4 –The Carnoustie Christmas Cracker Mon12th Dec – Saturday 24th Dec

Week 5 – The Welsh Dragon Mon 9th Jan – Sunday 22nd Jan

Week 6 – The Oakmont Open Mon 23rd Jan – Sunday 5th Feb

Week 7 – Sunningdale Week Mon 6th Feb – Sunday 19th Feb

Week 8 – Brummie’s Luck Mon 20th Feb – Sunday 5th Mar

Week 9 - The Ryder Cyp at Hazletine Mon 6th Mar – Sunday 19th Mar

Week 10 – The Home Of Golf Finale Mon 20th Mar – Sunday 2nd April