Been another exciting month back here in Iowa. Just been over to Minnesota for our weekend off. We followed the Hawkeyes as they traveled up to take on the Minnesota gophers. They won which was pleasing and I had a great time away with the lads.... It was the first big city I've visited and it was class.

Come November, I will start my strict gym regime that will continue all the way throughout the year and run over to next, preparing my body to be strong, flexible and hopefully keep me away from any injuries. No more unlimited fizzy pop refills or junk food, that'll be hard over here, Thats for sure!!

We are now preparing this week for our last two tournaments of the fall, these are the last two before it all continues again after Christmas. We are playing at Amana Colonies golf course which is beautiful, a little like Ross, all the holes are cut into woodland. You folks would love it. However, it's not quite like playing Ross, I do miss it.

I hope everything is all okay back at the club and everyone is well, 

Thanks for all of the support guys

Best wishes Niall


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