Our February MOT 5.0's are in their 5th year and never before have they been so important and advanced. We have learnt so much from previous years, we now believe we have the perfect pre season model to offer all our THSG Pupils.

We see February as a key time of the year to analyse our all round game and a great time to help our pupils hit their goals. The MOT's are designed to offer a platform for improvement, we review and analysis all areas of your game from your equipment to your performance out on the course. This really is the first stepping stone to improving your mindset both on and off the course.  

This year we have devised 3 grades of MOT. 

The Silver MOT (30 minutes) cost - £10

This is designed to give you a basic overview of your game, you will walk away with a report on your equipment including grips, suitability of clubs and a loft/lie check on your most used irons. We will also review other key areas of your equipment including golf shoe analysis which is fast becoming a key area to improving performance. You will also review 2017 and set goals for this year with your professional.  

** Professionals available on this package - James Dobbs ** 

The Gold Package (60 minutes) cost - £40

This a comprehensive cover of your overall game including a 20 minute swing check in the performance lab. We will cover all aspects of your game and review your performance through 2017. We will also set SMART goals for the coming year. You will receive a full loft, lie, grip and shoe analysis and receive a gapping analysis on your scoring clubs (PW, 9, 8 & 7). 

** Professionals available on this package - Tim Hall, Oli Leett **

** NEW FOR 2018 ** The Platinum Package (120 minutes) cost - £

This bespoke package is the ultimate solution in our MOT 5.0 program. You will receive a 4 hole playing assessment out on the course followed by a swing assessment held in the performance lab. We will give you a comprehensive analysis on your loft and lies of every club and also take your through a grip fitting. Other aspects such as shoe analysis will also be covered. 

You will also be introduced to our practice project which you will be part of for the whole of 2018. SMART goals will be set and swing advice sent to your email with a video recording from our GASP lab 5 software. You will also receive a free voucher for a gapping session for your whole bag, worth £30. All Platinum golfers receive a free 10% off gift voucher on all Under Armour products to be spent in February 2018.

** Professionals available on this package - Tim Hall & Oli Leett **


This years Feb MOT's are in conjunction with Masters Golf, for all your golf accessories and re-gripping needs. Book any MOT and receive a special 20% OFF discount on all repairs and re-grips. We will be stocking all grips this year including Golf Pride, Lamkin, Superstroke and Ping

** Please note pre-booking is essential as we only have a limited number of appointments with each professional through February. **

tim@timhallschoolofgolf.com and quote your package.