2017 was another exciting year for us at the club with loads going on both on and off the golf course. Our school of golf continued to grow not just within the membership but across the country with many golfers coming from a far to take advantage of our knowledge. We were lucky enough to work with multiple club champions, county champions, international players and many tour players. We certainly hope to grow our pool of players worldwide with one of new initiatives for 2018, our online lessons. 

On a professional level my highlight of 2017 was working over in San Diego with experts within the industry at The Titleist Performance Institute. The real purpose of the trip was to take my final level 3 certification with TPI in their junior pathway. We are now in the position to develop our current program and have a clearer understanding of the correct pathways for junior golf. After 8 months of hard work behind the scenes we will be unveiling our new junior program on February 12th at the club and I invite anyone that interested to attend. We will be giving a full presentation of our new plans giving an insight into the decisions behind the new program, our physical development expert Jon Hughes will also be on hand to deliver a presentation on his expertise in golf. We are super excited with the changes and feel its the perfect time to bring in new ideas to an already fantastic group of kids. It gives me great pride to see the  numbers increasing year on year, thanks to my team. the junior forum and the support of the ROWGC members. 

Within our team it was sad to see Rob leave us back in September. On a positive James turned pro in October and started his PGA journey, i am glad to report he is loving the learning and embracing the new challenges. We welcomed Neil into the golf shop with open arms and you never know, if he gets his handicap down he could follow in James's footsteps!!!!!! 

Oli contiues to develop his LPH brand now being recognised as one of the top putting coaches in the UK. After further training in Holland and Spain last year he now finds himself a level 3 aimpoint coach and a level 2 flagstick coach, making him one of the highest qualified putting coaches in the UK. 

Whats New For 2018.....We have plenty to look forward too heading into a new season. We all love a bit of technology at the THSG and this years improvements to the performance lab are probably the most exciting to date. Updates to the software on our simulator allow us to now delve deeper into our pupils data in both lessons and custom fitting. The new GC2quad that we introduced last October has revolutionised our coaching. We now have a 2nd Kvest 3D system so we can do more on course work with our pupils, from a 3D point of view. Oli is one of the first ever putting coaches in the UK to have invested into a 3D putting system, like the 3D Kvest it gives you crucial feedback on your movements during your stroke. 

In The Golf Shop.....We welcome Footjoy clothing, which we think will complement our mens Under Armour clothing line and all ladies clothing perfectly. We will once again stock a full range of Footjoy shoes and Ecco shoes which have been our best sellers over the past few years. After feedback from members we will now be stocking a fuller range of ROWGC logo goods. Our suppliers YOB golf our the industries leading branded company and i am very excited with some of the concepts that have been designed for us this year. We have a very exciting new initiative that we are working on at the moment with YOB golf, which promises to bring customisation to a whole new level here at ROWGC.  

All in all we are very excited for the new year and new season. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support, we feel very lucky to have such a supportive membership. 

The THSG Embracing Technology Going Forwards

The THSG Embracing Technology Going Forwards