Lets revise those golfing goals for 2017, are you on your way to hit them, have you made the improvements to your game that you wanted ??? If not, there is still time to act and do something about them!! 

Our group clinics provide a continuous improvement program to all our golfers here at THSG. They are fantastic way to learn about key areas of performance both on and off the course. We have had some fantastic success stories from pupils that have regularly attended our group sessions and we strongly believe that they need to be part of every golfers improvement program. 

Saturday 12th August 3-30pm-4-30pm - Learning From A Major Champion - Jordan Speith

Venue - Driving Range / Mid Irons /Hybrids/Fairway Woods

What a week at Birkdale it was for the American Jordan Speith. What a back 9 it was of mental strength and scrambling. But what can we learn about the way Jordan plays ??? Over the past 5 years there has been many articles wrote about his unique technique. We will delve into his swing and pick out key areas of his technique and apply it to the amateur game. 

Friday 18th August 3pm-4pm -  Strike It Like A Pro

Venue - Driving range / Driving 

Strike is everything in golf and certainly the ability to repeat a centre'd strike is the most common trait of an elite golfer. During this session we will cover driving the ball and explain the importance of finding the centre on every swing. We will take everyone through a process of understanding what strike tendencies you have and how to combat those poor strikes. 

Friday 25th August 12noon-1pm - Shot Shaping & Controlling Trajectory

Venue - Driving Range / ALL CLUBS 

Understanding how to control shot shape and trajectory can help the golfer learn so much about there general movement patterns. During this session we will cover how to hit controlled shots with a fade and drawn flight, we will also look at controlling launch and the trajectory of a shot. Having more shots in our locker will give us the confidence to take on more shots out on the course and certainly get us out of trouble, thus keeping those doubles and triples off the card!! 

** To sign up for any of the above clinics please email tim@timhallschoolofgolf.com or call 01989 720439, you can also sign up in the golf shop with one of the team. These sessions are £10 per person, which includes an evaluation with coffee, in the clubhouse after the session. **