This week we are looking at shot dispersion and using a simple and effective drill to help club face delivery. If we can control and have a better awareness of delivering the club face on a consistent angle to a constant path we will certainly make the game a little easier. 

We often here terms like 'Flicking', 'Chicken Wing', 'Scooping' and 'Smothering' when we talk about issues at impact. In my experience these all come from a poor understanding of what impact should feel like. Technically it comes from the hands being too active pre and post impact. 

In this article we will look at the issue of flicking through impact which causes left and right misses in all parts of the game. Below is an illustration of what i see in so many pupils through impact. In the left hand picture i have demonstrated the impact position i see from a golfer that is flicking through impact. In the right hand picture a golfer that has a sound understanding of impact with proper wrist positions and arm structures. 

How can we fix this poor position? 

The Grip Down Drill 

Pre and post impact is often a very difficult position of the swing to change and i often feel that this drill encapsulates the proper movements and gives the pupil a great awareness of right and wrong. This drill actively helps you understand proper hip mechanics putting more emphasis on rotating rather than being active with your hands. 

Grip Down Drill - Process

1. Take a 6 iron and grip half way the shaft
2. Make swings stopping at the start, backswing, impact and the follow through (as per illustrations) 
3. Ensure the hands stay as passive as possible with the hip mechanics controlling the general  movements of the swing.

Stop the drill when you feel the hands flick and over take the movements, this drill is all controlled by your middle section. 

This is an example of a golfer that struggles too maintain the control in his hip mechanics and transfers it into his hands (flicking). This golfer would struggle with general timing and sequencing in his golf swing. 

Next time your at your club try this drill, its a fantastic way to also help crucial areas of the game like Pitching. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.