This weeks success story comes from ROWGC member Ian Caves who won the seniors' medal last week with a 69nett. Our new 3D coaching system K Vest has already helped THSG pupils to great effect but non-more so than Ian Caves.

A couple of weeks ago Ian came to me for a swing check up wanting to know more about his movements and how he could improve general consistency. The Kvest is a 3d motion learning system that not only measures the body’s movements in the golf swing but also gives bio-feedback.

After analyzing Ian’s principle movements we looked into depth into his values during his swing. The Kvest helped Ian understand his golf swing in more depth so he could change his patterns quicker and make key swing changes that made a real difference.  

Ian, with a fresh confidence went onto to play in his first competition of the season and topped the table with a nett 68…..Great play Ian.

If you want to take your game to the next level, then book in a session with the THSG. We will be doing free demo’s on the Kvest over masters weekend during the long game clinics.