The grass is growing, the greens are getting slicker by the day…….but are you seeing growth in your game ?? If you are looking forward to a busy golfing year playing in competitions, knockouts, society days or just looking to finally reach your potential out group clinics needs to be part of your improvement program.

Group sessions are a great way to learn with like minded golfers in an interactive environment. May’s group clinics are a mix of short and long game helping you understand the latest research into those areas of the game.

Investing time into your game will allow you to improve, change patterns, change attitudes and help you look forward to playing better golf in 2019.

Friday 3rd May - 12-30am-1-30pm - The Latest Research Into Bunker Play - How it can help you!


Understanding the NEW science behind impact and the factors that help us hit these shots close is key and will be covered during this bunker masterclass. We will cover the changes in set-up and key in swing principles that has changed the way we think about bunker play

Saturday 11th May - 1-30pm-2-30pm - Lessons Learnt From The 2019 Masters

Venue - All Clubs

My time at the 2019 Masters was very well spent walking around the infamous Augusta National watching the very best players in the world tackling the toughest of tests…..but what did i learn from the players ?? We will cover the key aspects of what i saw from the worlds best from driving the ball, to their iron play and touching on their awesome short games.

Friday 17th May - 2pm-3pm - Stand & Deliver - Launch It High See it Fly!!

Venue - Driving Range / Driver

This session is focussed around your driver swing and what it takes to help you gain yards but not lose dispersion. The session will be split 30 minutes on getting the most out of your swing and 30 mins on control and how we can hit more fairways.

Saturday 18th May - 10am - 11am - Chip and Pitch Masterclass

Venue - Short Game Area - PW, SW & LW

One of the most impressive attributes to the modern day PGA Tour there short game arsenal …… the very best exponants of this area of the game show us magical touch with an array of different shots in certain situations. We will delve into controlling flight/spin and trajectory of shot and talk about the key decisions in choosing the right style of shot to match the situation.

Sunday 26th May - 2pm-3pm - Pitch Perfection - Know Your Numbers

Venue - Driving Range / 9,PW,SW,LW
** Limited to 6 golfers **

Distance wedges is often overlooked in practice but is an area i get asked about all the time. During this session we will cover distance control and give you a system that suits your game, we will delve into the importance of set-up and the key roles they play in controlling shot trajectory. We will also touch on distance control and knowing your numbers.

** To sign up for any of the above clinics please email or call 01989 720439, you can also sign up in the golf shop with one of the team. These sessions are £10 per person, which includes an evaluation with coffee, in the pro shop after the session. **