May is definitely the month to sort your game out with the Short game weekend on 18th-20th May and with our individual group clinics. During May we will be focusing on long game, driving it further, shot shaping, controlling trajectory in all areas from tee to green. 

Our May group clinics are all about saving you shots from tee to green. Don't forget our resident putting expert Oli Leett has his very own LPH group clinics, head over to his website to sign up. They are fantastic way to learn about key areas of performance both on and off the course. We have had some fantastic success stories from pupils that have regularly attended our group sessions and we strongly believe that they need to be part of every golfers improvement program. 

Saturday 5th May - 12pm-1pm -  Stop Those Killer Moves & Drive It Further  

Venue - Driving Range / Driver

We will look at the most common swing faults that cause loss of distance off the tee in the amateur game. Key swing thoughts and a change of movement pattern can sometimes be the simple answer in gaining distance.  

Saturday 12th May 2pm-3pm - Know Your Number - Iron Play  

Venue - Driving Range - ALL CLUBS  
GROUP LIMITED to 4 people

During April we did a clinic on knowing your wedge distances, this is a follow on from that session getting to know our full swing iron distances. We will cover all irons from 9iron-Driver. You will go away from this session with a gapping bag tag so you know exactly what club goes what distance. 

Sunday 27th May - 12-30pm-1-30pm - Shot Shaping & Trajectory control

Venue - Driving Range - ALL CLUBS 

Certainly around ROWGC you need to understand how to control your shape of shot and flight the ball different trajectories. Having an understanding of this will also advance your feelings in swing, helping you understand more about impact and the causes to your swing issues. We will go through each shape of shot and give you a system to help hit those various shots when it matters. 

** To sign up for any of the above clinics please email or call 01989 720439, you can also sign up in the golf shop with one of the team. These sessions are £10 per person, which includes an evaluation with coffee, in the pro shop after the session. **