Its been an exciting week here at the THSG with the launch of our eagerly anticipated new Junior Program. We have been working away in the background researching and planning the changes looking into the most successful programs in the world and adapting our own ideas to make ours unique. Following time spent with the team at the Titleist performance institute in San Diego back in September last year we knew we were close to delivering our new program. 

On Monday night we unveiled the changes to 86 parents and junior golfers taking them through our research and what we have planned for the future. We presented our findings and our intentions including taking everyone through our new 7 stage program. 

We first of all talked about our inspirations for the new program and where the original program had come from. Our new program will inspire and engage our kids through the 7 stages of learning first of all helping them master basic sports and movement skills. With these skills they will be able to not only excel at golf but all other sports. The science behind this style of learning for kids is unique to golf.  

Other new changes include - 

* A 7 stage pathway for junior golfers of all ages and abilities
* A Program that will allow all juniors to work at their own pace, so they can be the best they want to be
* Our new physical and golf assessment days which work hand in hand with the new grading system
* New levels including The Cubs, The Lions The Futures, Golfers4Life & The Elite Development Group
* New structure to our physical development sessions  
* New cap and towel system to give identity to the differing levels
* New coaching content which is bespoke to each stage of learning
* An Elite development stage which helps the junior get ready for a life in golf, including getting them ready for US golf scholarships, national tournaments other educational golf programs. 
* The new Golfer4Life program so juniors can learn at their own pace
* Special performance days with physical development experts, mind coaches and nutritionalists  

Here is our new structure in illustration - 

The new program was very well received by parents and juniors that attended the night. The official start date will be Saturday 3rd March. To be on the program their is a £10 yearly membership fee.

We also have exciting new changes to our Junior membership structure at The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club, this includes a reduction on fees for certain junior categories at the club. 

All in all the future is certainly looking bright at the ROWGC & THSG. The new program promises to embrace the culture that has already been so prominent in the six years that the THSG has been at the club. Heres to many more great years, developing junior golf and you never know maybe one day we could see one of our juniors out on tour doing battle with Rory!! 

If you would like any further information on the new program please don't hesitate to email