Our panel testers here at the THSG have been busy at work testing the new Titleist ProV1 and Prov1 X photo golf balls over the past two weeks. They were set the challenge just with one ball each to keep it for a number of rounds and put it through a number of different shots out on the course. I had the pleasure also of using it for two rounds and i must admit the improvements are fantastic.

My report -
Current golf ball - 2018 ProV1x

Straight out the packet i could see a difference in the cover of the golf ball, it looked more durable and a brighter white. Off the tee i didn’t feel a huge difference and like with the old ball I already love the feel of the prov1x against other balls in its category. The biggest difference for me was into the green, more responsive, a softer feel helped me dial in my irons and have more control over shaping the ball. In short game and putting again it felt almost a little softer than previous models, something i like the feel of when trying to control those shorter shots. I must admit after two rounds, numerous wedge shots, bunker shots etc, the ball still looks almost new, the durability of the ball really impressed me. Overall for me the ProV1 and X balls are massively ahead of the game in their category, no other ball gets close to it and for me the main changes of its durability and softer feel its gone even higher in my estimations!! Well done Titleist …..

Tester One -

I found the golf ball perfectly adequate for me and my handicap.

Durability fine - no mark so far.

Distance as good as any ball I use.

Putting no problem - other than the hands holding the club.

Summing up - a good ball to use - but expect the price to be quite dear.

Tester Two -

I am currently playing the prov1x Which l like because is offers good trajectory and spin off the tee as well as good spin and height on iron shots and very nice control around the greens.

This new proto ball played almost exactly the same for me in all areas, but also seemed to be more durable with the cover staying glossy and smooth for longer and showing minimal damage after playing approximately 36 holes with it.

Tester Three -

I used the Proto golf ball during the 1st winter stableford.

First impressions of the proto ball is that the skin is a bright white unlike older pro v’s which always appeared a bit dull to me.

Off the drive they had a higher ball flight than I’m used to and my standard slice seemed to disappear!! (that could be the ball or the lesson from Dobbsey) Again the same with mid irons, higher ball flight and straighter , when I did hit the green they stopped really quick (although the greens are very receptive at the moment). Putting they feel quite soft.

Biggest point is the durability, even after some treeidge they still looked mint!

I don’t really play a standard golf ball, it’s usually what I find in the trees or in my bag, but I would actually pay for these they felt and played so nice

Tester Four -

Normal ball Pro V1 or Pro V1x

Apart from losing it on my first drive in the A v B match, it was subsequently found and returned to me and I have now played a round with it.

I have to say I didn't notice much difference, saying that when you then start trying to find something different you can start to detect or imagine differences.

Not very technical I know but it sounded crisper and sharper off the tee and the long iron shots "felt" better, no difference around or on the green though.

Tester Five -

I normally play a Taylor Made Burner, out of habit rather than anything else. Certainily the prototype Titleist was travelling as far as, if not a little further than my normal ball, despite the fact that today’s temperature was 3C and when I played on Monday it was about 15C, so I would anticipate that it would have added about 10-15 yards to my drive. I didn’t notice any difference in terms of accuracy.

Of course, it could be that a regular ProV1 would also give me the same additional distance, so maybe I’ll buy a sleeve in the near future to see what happens.

Massive thanks to all our THSG testers for their comments and time testing this awesome new ball from Titleist. The new Titleist Prov1 will be launched in January 2019.