We class July as the month that is midway through our golfing season in the UK, we feel if the golfer hasn't started the season quite like they wanted, this is the month to take action! This month we launch our 'Scoring' group clinics, please note these group clinics are a little different to normal sessions, with only 3 golfers on them paying £20 per golfer. 

Our group clinics provide a continuous improvement program to all our golfers here at THSG. They are fantastic way to learn about key areas of performance both on and off the course. We have had some fantastic success stories from pupils that have regularly attended our group sessions and we strongly believe that they need to be part of every golfers improvement program. 

Friday 7th July 2pm-3pm - Unlock Your Driver Swing With These Simple Methods

Venue - Driving Range / Driver

Ever wondered what we can actually take from the best golfers in the world. Week in week out we watch Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy (to name a few) drive the ball consistently straight over 300yards. Some times TV commentary is slightly miss leading and not to mention confusing. We will look at what we can take from these great players and how we can implement these technical factors into the amateur game. 

Sunday 9th July 3-30pm-4-30pm - Tour Level Chipping & Pitching On Course

Venue - On Course / All Wedges + A Mid Iron

Ever wondered how the pro's on tv have so much spin and control in their short game ?? We will take you through a variety of shots out on the course covering how best to gain control in your short game from 60 yards and in. We will focus the majority of the session around 40-60yards which is often a tough distance for many golfers. Learn the secrets to chip and pitch like a tour player and then watch your scores tumble! 

** Please note this session will be limited to just 3 golfers and be £20 per person. ** 

Sunday 23rd July 3pm-4pm - An Introduction to 3D Analysis

Venue - Driving Range / Mid Irons & Hybrid 

This session is a special 3D analysis group session. We will cover why this technology has taken the golf world by storm and what we can learn from it applying it to the amateur game. We will measure, asses, coach and train each golfer during this session delving into the technology that helps us understand so much more about our pupils swing capabilities.  

** Please note this session will be limited to just 3 golfers and be £20 per person. ** 

Friday 28th July 5pm-6pm - Lower Your Scores With 'Tour Like' Course Management  

Venue - On Course / All Clubs 

Course management as been an area of the game that has been under taught for many a year. New research suggests that understanding the skills of plotting your way around a course far outweighs improving your ball striking on the driving range. Here at the THSG we have devised our own management system that will help you improve your scores without taking on board any complex swing changes. 

Saturday 29th July 11am-12noon - How Do You Rate Your Bunker Play ?? 

Venue - Short Game Area / All Wedges

The Tour pro's make it look so easy, but it really is with a simple process and a better understanding of impact. We will start the session by educating everyone on the impact factors of a bunker shot. We will then cover the basics that will transform your bunker play and make you feel like its the easiest shot in golf, not the hardest!! 

** To sign up for any of the above clinics please email tim@timhallschoolofgolf.com or call 01989 720439, you can also sign up in the golf shop with one of the team. Unless stated, these sessions are £10 per person, which includes an evaluation with coffee/refreshments, in the professional shop after the session. **