Niall's report 

What a busy month it has been here in Iowa, with not only playing 3 competitions but also heading into the final month of exams. Its all coming to an end so quickly. This first year here at kirkwood is flying by and it only feels like yesterday when i left Heathrow to start this adventure.

My golf is continuing to progress nicely and i couldn't feel anymore confident and relaxed on the course. It couldn't of come at a better time either, I feel I've done of nice job of preparing myself to get my game in this shape at such a crucial time of the season. I figured if i focus on my preparations then this would take care of the results and this has whats given me an inner confidence. Another reason too is that Ive been so busy with my college work and having to put in a lot of extra hours that this has made me appreciate the game even more so when i do step on the course, i feel I'm getting even more of an hype to play which I didn't think could of get any bigger.

So my recent results have been very steady and have seen me in the top 10 at least 5 times this Spring. So when i last left off me and the team headed to the Wartburg invitational at Praire Links Golf Club where i shot a first round 72 and went into the second round 2 behind the lead but unfortunately didn't quite do enough on the day and shot a 78 to leave me in 6th but the team winning with an overall score of 598. Then onto the Rail Golf Club in Illinois and this is where i found my first victory over here in the states where i fired two 71’s which gave me a total of 2 under and was enough to get the job done over the weekend. Us eagles also won the Illinois college invite with a total of 586. And most recently was last weekend where we travelled back to Illinois to compete in the Monmouth invite at Gibson Woods. Me and a fellow team mate both fired a 68 which was -3 which helped give our team a 13 stroke lead going into the final round which in the end was unfortunately abandoned due to big storms leaving me and him tied for first and another overall win for us Kirkwood lads. So i guess we can count that as two now haha.

Now its finally come, next week is regional week where we will play our regional championship down in Ames, Iowa at the golf course of Veenker to see if we can progress to Arizona in late May for the National tornament. For now though we are all in a great state of mind individually and as a team and our taking this week to get most of our final exams done and importantly prepare for the championships.

Remember you can follow @kirkwoodathletics on twitter or go to follow my schedule and live scoring of our events.

I would just like to also say a massive thank you back home and at the club to everyone for all the congratulations and continuous support for me over here. You make me feel great and make look forward to coming home. I really do appreciate it.

Best regards


Niall's win at Rail Golf Club, Illinois 

Niall's win at Rail Golf Club, Illinois 

Niall Working Hard On His Swing Changes Via Video Link

Niall Working Hard On His Swing Changes Via Video Link