This week we are covering one of the most common swing issues we see in golfers that come to us here at the THSG.....the dreaded REVERSE PIVOT. If you have suffered from this in the past you will know that its a big killer of distance and accuracy especially off the tee. 

This issue is common amongst golfers of all abilities from scratch to higher handicappers. In my experience this common swing issue either comes from poor set-up or poor backswing movements. It is also the number one cause of back pain in a golfer. Pretty important aspect to focus on, hey!!? 

The reverse pivot movement comes from the golfer tilting there side bend towards the target in the backswing and firing back in the opposite direction in the downswing. 

Jargon Buster time, Side Bend, this is the bend we see in the spine from side to side. 

All screenshots and illustrative pictures in this article will be shown from side on. Commonly over the past few years golf professionals have spoken at length about bend from the hips to get the correct spine angle for posture, in todays article we will be talking about side bend. These are examples of correct and incorrect side bend at set-up with the driver. 

Lets talk pre-swing, What i like to see in all golfers is a strong and stable base at set-up, i use the words activating your legs a lot during lessons to teach stability. In the left hand picture i have demonstrated poor pre swing fundamentals, deactivated legs and more importantly a lack of side bend in the spine (yellow line). In the right hand picture we have an example of a stronger more activated stance with the knees wider and a positive side bend in the spine. I like to use a physic band around the knees in practice and in lessons to help activate the muscles that are key to helping us create a strong base. 

Now to the backswing, maintaining the side bend as you rotate into the backswing is a key thought, in the picture below i have demonstrated a correct and incorrect move. Please note that in the left hand picture a large amount of lateral movement from the pelvis has happened, this is very common from someone who reverse pivots. In the right hand picture i have maintained the side bend and kept the activated feeling in my legs. I liken this position to a throwing action, its a very common position we see from baseball pitchers as they take the ball back. 



You have done your homework, now enjoy the results... if we can make these physical changes pre-swing and maintain these more positive angles throughout the swing, we will become more efficient in transferring the energy needed to hit the ball longer and straighter. 

Good luck with the changes......any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with me