We all want those extra yards off the Tee without sacrificing consistency, right ????? Yes of course we do i here you say!! 

We have teamed up with Superspeed golf to provide a system that promises to help you train more effectively in finding extra yards off the tee and at the same time improving your consistency. The scientific theory behind the system is called Overspeed Training.

Here are the Facts......

Overspeed Training works by getting the body to move at a faster than normal speed during a known motor pattern. Essentially the brain has a set range of speed for the neuro-muscular response when a golfer makes a golf swing. We first need to increase the response speed from the body by reducing the “load” or in this case the weight of the club. We then need to gradually increase this load to teach the brain that the body is capable of running the motor pattern faster. In our application to golf, we use a club that is about 20% lighter than a driver, one that is 10% lighter, and one that is 5% heavier in order to achieve maximum results from overspeed training.

How does increasing my swing speed equate to more distance ?? 

1 MPH = ~2.6 Yards of carry distance (*2010 study of PGA Tour players’ drives). *Variables include face angle, attack angle, spin axis, & environmental factors. Over 100 players on the PGA tour are now using the system. 

When can i expect results from using this system ?? 

A 3% – 8% increase is common after just the first use. Our studies find that performing 3 workouts per week over a 6-week period will make this increase a permanent. Speeds then continue to increase working through progression of the protocol levels.

Did you know ?? Warming up swinging two clubs can reduce your first tee shot by 30%. 

We have every size of superspeed golf clubs including the full junior range. To find out more about this impressive new system at the THSG please see one of the team. 


Dan Increased his driver distance by 20 yards in just 3 weeks working with the Superspeed system. . 

Dan Increased his driver distance by 20 yards in just 3 weeks working with the Superspeed system. .