Just last week during the Orlando golf show Ping launched their new putter offering to the worlds media. The Sigma G promises to be an extensive 16 model range with all shapes and sizes to suit all stroke types. The Ping engineers have done an awesome job on what i think is the most comprehensive putter range out on the market.  

he new technology behind the Sigma G is a multi-peice face for softer feel. It boasts their true roll face technology for full-face forgiveness on off centre hits. The THSG have already put the product through testing in the performance lab, our putting specialist Oli had this to say 

"I would say its one of Ping's most stable, balanced putter lines that they have ever produced. I particularly like the softer feel and the choice of head shapes. This means i can give a comprehensive fitting and find a putter to suit every stroke type and preference".

Oli Leett - Owner of the LPH / Aimpoint Express Coach 

The New Ping Sigma G Putter Range - In Store Now at THSG

The New Ping Sigma G Putter Range - In Store Now at THSG