We are well into the off season and now isnt the time to rest, ask yourself these questions - 

1. Were you happy with your performance in all areas of your game ??
2. Did one area of your game really let you down this year ??
3. Did you hit your goals ??
4. Was it another frustrating year of 0.1's?? 

If it has been another year of frustration lets do something about it now, DONT WAIT TO BE GREAT!! This is the perfect time of year to think about one of our improvement programs and our group sessions are the perfect way to start. November's group clinics have been designed to help all golfers take that first step to improvement. 

Saturday 4th November 11am-12noon - Build a Swing To Last    

Venue - Driving Range / Driver

Want to maximise your driver swing?? Of course you do, in this session we will cover the key components of the downswing starting with the transition. These moves that start the downswing govern impact and beyond, for us to play better golf, we need to have a clear understanding of whats right and wrong!! 

Sunday 12th November 1pm-2pm - Wedge Wizardry

Venue - On Course - Wedges in & around the green

Want to pull off every shot in the bag around the greens?? Having more shots in your locker can knock shots off your scores and give you great confidence when it comes down to the short game. We will cover how one club can play every shot and also how we can be versatile with our club choice to help shot variation. 

Friday 17th November 12pm-1pm -  Impress Your Golfing Buddies With Your Bunker Skills

Venue - Short Game Area  / ALL Wedges 

We will be looking at every type of shot and situation we find ourselves in when we find the bunkers. We will cover the basics and also go into how technique changes when faced with longer bunker shots, shots from the face and also plugged lies. 

** To sign up for any of the above clinics please email tim@timhallschoolofgolf.com or call 01989 720439, you can also sign up in the golf shop with one of the team. These sessions are £10 per person, which includes an evaluation with coffee, in the professional shop after the session. **