We are looking for members of the club to join our pro challenge and have some fun out on the course. These 9 hole competitions are a great way to get to know other members and learn from your professional. Enter individually or as a team, its just £3 per person. The format is a fun and relaxed best 2 from 4 with the top scores both on the front and back 9 picking up some awesome prizes at the end of the season. 

Here are the January and February 2017 Dates. 


Oli Leett

Thursday 19th of January at 9am

Wednesday 25th of January at 9am


Tim Hall

Friday 13th of January at 2pm

Friday 20th of January at 2pm

Saturday 28th of January at 2pm

Thursday 2nd of February at 2pm

Monday 13th of February at 1.30pm

Friday 24h of February at 2pm


Rob Aldred

Monday 16th of January at 9am

Monday 6th of February at 9am

Sunday 26th of February at 1pm


James Dobbs

Wednesday 11th of January at 10am

Monday 23rd of January at 9am

Tuesday 7th of February at 10am


** To book please email tim@timhallschoolofogolf.com or pop along to the shop and see one of the team **