We are very excited to announce the launch of a new initiative that promises to increase reinforcement after lessons and help develop our golfers further. These group clinics will be limited with a 1:5 ratio, coach to pupil.

Each group clinic will have a theme, whether or not its focusing on the long or short game you will gain valuable insight to help raise your game to the next level. The sessions are £10 p/p, 60 minutes long and are open to all members of all abilities. 

Dates for up and coming clinics - 

Saturday 17th Sept 2-30pm-3-30pm - Practice Properly 

ave you ever felt that you have had fantastic lessons and then can't transfer that into lower scoring????? If you have its probably to do with your practice. 

We will give you an insight into the science of practicing like a tour player to get the very best out of your time away from lessons. I strongly believe that if golfers can get their practice regime right they can speed up the learning process and deliver long lasting changes, equalling lower scores. You will go away with hints, tips and notes to help you gain focus in what i believe is the most crucial part of the game away from technical thoughts. 

To sign up to this clinic please quote PPclinic & email tim@timhallschoolofgolf.com

Saturday 1st October 10am-11am - Stability & Power In The Golf Swing  

This clinic is focused around learning about stability and power in the golf swing. We will take you through the importance of being stable from the ground up and how that generates a stable core to the golf swing. During this clinic you will be shown easy to use drills that can speed up the learning process and you will also take notes away to help reinforcement post session.    

To sign up to this clinic please quote SPclinic & email tim@timhallschoolofgolf.com