A word from our captain Warren on what was an awesome weekend for the club.

I think I’ve just had my favourite weekend of being Captain!

Now for those that don’t know ROWGC are the current Champions of the President’s Cup. An inter club knock out event hosted by Gloucestershire Golf Union. The format is fairly simple, it’s 10 players with a combined handicap minimum of 90 and we play foursomes. There are about 80 clubs countywide involved.

Over the past 2 or 3 seasons it’s been fantastic to see the increase of junior golfers at the club and a concerted effort by our A team and President’s Cup captain Neil Lancett has seen young un’s like Niall Powell, James Dobbs, Brad Knapper and Cam Haines flourish in the men’s A team squad… But Sunday our latest President’s match was something special.

Introducing Harry Griffiths and Jordan Hughes! Both under the age of 14 and selected to play against men at least twice their age… And winning! Away to Lilley Brook I had the pleasure of going out with Harry, and that’s about all I did! Although my flag tending got a good work out! His putts flying in from everywhere and before we knew it we’d won 3&2… Well Harry did!

Same with Jordan, long straight towering drives and iron shots raining down on the pin meant that his partner Neil didn’t have much to do as they secured the tie for the club! On to the Quarter Finals, where I’ve a funny idea who the first two names down on the team sheet will be (and it isn’t Neil and me!)

Fantastic to see our kids being put in these situations and great thanks must go to our long term stars in the Junior Committee and of course Tim who’s gang put so much effort into the junior coaching sessions!

Hope your summer of golf is going well!