Its been a great year in the Pimlow household with both Martin and Ruth having an awesome year both on and off the course. They are both active members supporting the club and the THSG in all that goes on. They have certainly let their golf do the talking as well with some great performances throughout the year. 

Ruth in particular has had one of the most consistent years reducing her handicap from 18 to 15 in just 10 months. When we see improvement like this, we always look for the reasons why. With Ruth its simple, her 'Growth Mindset' has allowed her to continuously improve over the past few years and the results have shown up this year. Her impressive Mercia Castle Cup win came from shooting 43 points in the club stableford back in August. The Mercia Castle cup is played across the county at every club, the winner is the lady that shoots the lowest score in the county through August, which Ruth did with her 43 points. 

Ruth's 'Growth Mindset' has allowed her to stay patient with swing changes and take on board vital TPI Assessments which has allowed us both to understand so much more about her basic golfing movements.  Ruth continuously improves in all areas of her game taking regular lessons with both myself and Oli.

There must be something in the water within the Pimlow household as now Martin has started winning. Martin won the Christmas Fayre competition at the weekend with 39 points capping of another consistent season. 

Both Martin and Ruth attended our coaching week in Penina learning about all parts of the game while having some fun out on the courses. All in all they have both had a fantastic year at the club and I imagine there will be more to come in 2017!!