Its getting colder here.......Sprained my ankle at the start of this month which has seen me out for a few weeks, but with access to a specialist trainer and physiotherapist here at Kirkwood, I have had a successful recovery and now fully fit.

We have now hit our winter programme which resumes with lectures and lunch from 8am - 12pm. 4 days a week we have 2 hours of golf practice followed by an hour and a half of gym sessions then ice bathing and recovery sessions to stay injury free. 2 days a week we have 2 hour swimming sessions with a 1 hour yoga class before hand.

We also have 2 hour study periods 2x a week which consists of us as a team going to a lecture room to revise or catch up on any work we have been given to complete which is supervised under our assistant coach. This helps me not to fall behind in class.

Apart from me spraining my ankle only school work and my job have kept me busy. I've kindly been given a job here at the Kirkwood athletics department to help supervise Johnson Hall (Home of the Eagle athletes). It means a 5 hour shift every week which helps pay some of my bills but also gives me a chance to do my homework.

Thanksgiving next week and a family of one of the golfers have kindly asked me and my roommate to spend it with them, his mum is a very good cook too....... Looking forward to lots of delicious food!!!

On the 16th December I will be flying back for Christmas and i can't wait to come see you all at the club which I am very excited about. Got my final exams to do before then which means more hard work.

Look forward to seeing you all very soon
Regards Niall