The off season is certainly the best time to review your performance and move forward looking ahead to how you can improve for next season. 

Here at the THSG we strongly believe that failing to plan is like planning to fail, thats why we work together with our pupils to develop the best possible plan for improvement taking into consideration all aspects. We start with a free consultation reviewing past performance in every area, only then can we look to produce a plan of lessons and practice. 

Our new practice concepts are in the prototype stage but have already produced some exciting results with pupils. We see this as a key link to improvement and every pupil that signs up to a development plan will be part of this special program. Our research into deep practice has been on going for over a year now, since launching our deep practice booklets we have worked closely with top industry professionals developing 3 phases of practice that we think are key to ingraining new, improved patterns. 

Every pupil that signs upto a development plan will firstly be assessed using all the tech that the performance lab has to offer including the 3D Kvest and GASP lab 5 software. We will also introduce every pupil to Shotstohole, the ultimate high performance shot statistic program. 

We strongly believe that these development plans offer the complete solution to improvement and long lasting changes. 


For more information or to book your development plan please email Tim -